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Money Back Guarantee KSA Tutor

KSA Tutor is offering Money back guarantee if the work which we will provide you couldn’t meet the requirements that are specified by you. Kindly note that we are providing you with the refund policy you can claim your refund only when your refund claim will meet the standards that have been set by us. There are certain rules and conditions according to them you can get your money back.

100% Money Refund

  • In case we got unfit to send you the work.
  • In case of any technical issue that made twice payment then your amount would be refundable.
  • If our system fails to deliver you the work on time.

75% Money Refund

When your work will not send on the specified delivery date.

50% Money Refund

When half of the deadline is remaining and you want to take back your order and we already have started working on the project we will not entertain you with the revision you have asked for.

Disputed Orders

You can settle disputed orders simply connecting with our team, inform them regarding issues and they will help you out to resolve the issues in the best viable way. To settle the disputed issue you must provide a valid reason that should not be unclear, to support your claim. Our team will take some time to resolve your issue particularly to focus all the important aspects of specified order and the claim you have made. We are again repeating that in case your claim becomes true only then you will get your money back.

Deadline High School Undergraduate Master Phd Admissions
7-10 Days SAR 45 SAR 50 SAR 50 SAR 55 SAR 70
5-7 Days SAR 50 SAR 55 SAR 55 SAR 60 SAR 75
3-5 Days SAR 60 SAR 65 SAR 65 SAR 70 SAR 80
2-3 Days SAR 70 SAR 75 SAR 80 SAR 85 SAR 100
24-28 Hours SAR 80 SAR 90 SAR 100 SAR 120 SAR 130
12 Hours SAR 100 SAR 120 SAR 120 SAR 130 SAR 150
6 Hours SAR 130 SAR 150 SAR 170 SAR 200 SAR 230
Deadline High School Undergraduate Master Phd Admissions
7-10 Days SAR 30 SAR 35 SAR 35 SAR 40 SAR 50
5-7 Days SAR 35 SAR 40 SAR 40 SAR 50 SAR 55
3-5 Days SAR 40 SAR 45 SAR 45 SAR 55 SAR 60
2-3 Days SAR 45 SAR 50 SAR 50 SAR 60 SAR 70
24-48 Hours SAR 50 SAR 60 SAR 60 SAR 70 SAR 80
12 Hours SAR 60 SAR 70 SAR 70 SAR 90 SAR 100
6 Hours SAR 70 SAR 100 SAR 100 SAR 130 SAR 150

What Makes Different from the Other Essay Writing Services?


100 % privacy

The information that is shared by our customers is 100% secure as we respect our customers; therefore, it is mandatory for us not to forward their information to anyone.


Non-plagiarised essays

We strictly follow the policy of 0% plagiarism and, therefore, it is not tolerated at any cost. Our professional team is capable enough to write the essays from the scratch to give non-plagiarised essays.


Timely delivery

Our expert writers are competent enough to meet the deadlines and because of their expertise we are popular among our customers for providing the work always on the time.


Money back facility

We provide our customers with the money back guarantee; if they are not satisfied with our work or think that their requirements are not fulfilled, and then they could get their money back.


Unlimited revisions

The thing that makes us unique is our policy of unlimited revisions. Our customers are provided with the facility to ask us for the unlimited number of revisions till their satisfaction.


24/7 customer support

To keep our customers in contact we provide the customer support services round the clock. Our customers could easily contact us anytime in case of any queries or problems.

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