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Ksatutor.com is the professional and timely essay writing service which has been providing quality essay writing help to the students for many years. The essay writing tutor has the exceptional and specialised writer team that are proficient and competent in creating original work. We provides high-quality essays , dissertations, thesis, assignments and other academic papers which are not just affordable but also assists all the students to achieve high grades .

You can place your order at any time and get our top-class custom essay writing help but before that kindly read our terms and conditions thoroughly so that you can conveniently enjoy our best essay writing services. Our online customer support is always available for 24-hours if you still have any concerns regarding our essay writing services or even our terms and conditions you can contact us at any time. Like our reliable essay writing assistance, our customer support is also best and they will try their best to solve your issues, and make you comfortable with our service. We are committed to providing you secure writing service and keep your information confidential therefore you can contact us for any kind of academic help without any hesitation.

Exclusive rights

We provide fresh and original essay papers. Our customers (who have placed the order) are the sole holder of their papers. We never resold or distribute academic papers to any third person or even upload the papers to the website. Customers are also advised to do not involve in any kind of misuse of our provided essays otherwise essay tutor has the right to refuse to undertake any further academic work of the responsible person. Our essay writings are limited to personal use only.

Privacy policy

We have designed stern rules and regulations for the protection of our customers’ private information. We only collect our customers’ private data like his name, number, email address and any such information to remain in contact with the customers and deliver their orders safely. We give the guarantee to our customers that we keep their personal information safe in our secure database and never share them to any other third party. We operate strict privacy policy which is 100% confidential just for the convenience of our customers.

Payment procedure

Our payment procedure is very secure and hassle free. Customers are invited to pay for their orders in advance and pay rest of the payment after getting the orders. Our customers can easily place their orders and make payments of their essays by following modes of payment:

  • Visa Debit or Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Pay Pal
  • Western union
  • Money Gram
  • Refunds

    KSA Tutor is a reliable and trustworthy essay writing help, therefore, we are giving you a kind advice to read all terms and conditions thoroughly before placing your order and save yourself from any kind of misinterpretation. We request you to give your requirements if you have so that we can meet to your expected paper. However, if we fail to deliver your papers according to your requirements then you are eligible to get your money back or even if we delivered plagiarised work.